Leadership Affirmations

However if you trust completely in accomplishing the aspiration
stated in the affirmation, then it’s almost sure to be accomplished.
Start then by utilizing the powerful positive affirmations and quotes
I’ve outlined in this book, practice believing what you’re saying for a
couple of minutes, many times a day. After a while, these affirmations
will get to be the way your body, brain and spirit respond to the
roadblocks and challenges of daily life.
If accomplished regularly and with sincerity, you’ll soon be surprised
by the shifts you see beginning to happen in your life. Once you
intensely trust you are able to make positive shifts in your life and
achieve your desires you have to focus that intention, visualize the
result, gather your strength, and send that vision out to become real.

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Leadership Affirmations


Affirmations work on a lot of different levels. An affirmation may
impact your own and other individuals’ witting and unconscious
levels. If you affirm and it involves other people, you’re in a way
communicating with another individual’s higher self.
This is when things truly begin to happen, and results occur
promptly. The power of positive thinking and affirmations is only
bounded by your personal strong beliefs and belief that the
affirmations are working. If the affirmations are simply executed halfheartedly, those are the results that will be found.


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