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S1: Part and parcel of having a Bulletproof mindset is knowing our purpose in
life. It can be realistic, like getting a house; or it can be something that seems a
bit harder to accomplish – like becoming a millionaire.

S2: When it comes to our lives, everyone should have a purpose. Purpose is the
motivation that keeps us fighting and going. Without purpose, life becomes
meaningless .

1-0 Confront And Deal With Your Inner Demons Once And For All
3 Minutes

Decisive people attract success. This is the law of attraction at work. No one became successful because they sat around, thinking the world was going to fall apart around them.

2-0 Awaken Your Unconscious Behaviors
5 Minutes

One key element of decisiveness is confidence. By exuding confidence in whatever that you do, you will find yourself more likely to succeed. Even if you fail, you’ll learn from your mistakes and imagine yourself succeeding the next time you try.

3-0 Reclaim The Empathy And Kindness That Is Lost Within You
3 Minutes

Taking risks is also another key element of decisiveness. However, you can’t just recklessly go into anything. Potential risks must be weighted and calculated beforehand

4-0 What Is The Purpose Of Your Life
3 Minutes

An example would be when asking for a raise. Before you act, think about the best time to do it. If profits are down and the boss is in a sour mood, don’t ask. Save the asking for when your boss is in a better mood, and not overwhelmed.

5-0 Simple Yet Effective Ways To Eliminate The Negative Energy
5 Minutes

: Have a brighter outlook on the past, and then focus on the now. Also, don’t focus too much on the future. Over thinking outcomes can cause you to back away from taking a risk.

6-0 The Key Elements To Decisiveness
3 Minutes

Step out of your comfort zone. You might think that working that boring job every day is fine because you’re familiar with it and it gives you financial peace of mind. However, if you are unhappy and stuck doing the same thing for the rest of your life, you’ll live your life with nothing but regrets.

7-0 Why Stop There When Greatness Is Just One Step Away
3 Minutes

Also, be positive, but also be realistic. Being optimistic is great, but positive thinking will not make you invincible. Consider possible consequences.

This Courses help to build positive mind set and this courses play a important role in development of youth and his growth . therefore my opinion to all youth to taken this for shining our future .
This course generally taken by youth (14-40) .
this is both ( free or paid ) it's depend on seasion .
Yes , This Course update from time to time .
1. Videos . 2. Audios . 3. Images about quotas . 4. free E-books related to this course . 5. Free support .6 free blogs and articles .

: Now our purposes in life may seem hard to accomplish. Ignore those feelings; they are just noises that distract you from reaching your purpose. Any purpose that is scientifically possible is possible. And even if you don’t reach your goal, the journey can teach you something.

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